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Spray-Mop Set Osmo
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Explanation of specifications


Bjelin Parquet can be installed in a number of different patterns, among the most common are herringbone, ship deck, brick bond and squares.


Bjelin wood flooring comes untreated or with one of several finishes.
- Oil
- Hard Wax Oil
- Varnish/Lacquer


Select grade has less colour variation and low knot content which provides a clean and uniformed look. Great base for a clear varnish but also other types finishes. Select grade is valued for its versatility and simplicity. It has a clean and uniform appearance, perfect for modern, minimalist and traditional settings.

The rustic oak grade contains knots, pith ray, some sapwood and color variation enhancing the wood character of a herringbone pattern. The purpose of rustic grade flooring is to create a floor where character and contrasting appearance is desired. The rustic and random nature of rustic grade oak is perfect for those who prefer a more organic appearance.

Antique grade oak is a hand scraped rustic grade oak with minor cracks, defects and extra knots to create a flooring with old wood character.


The amount of waste varies with the pattern. The more elaborate patterns creates more waste.

Herringbone 10-15%
Square 10-15%
Ship deck 5% (a bit more for brick bond)

Spray-Mop Set Osmo

Simple and ergonomic
Forget bucket, cloth, brush, detergent and water. Osmo Spray-Mop makes cleaning and cleaning of oiled or hard waxed floors easy! The shaft provides comfortable working height, the articulated base plate makes it easy to access everywhere. Sold in carton as complete set.

- 1st x Osmo Spray-Mop stand
- 1st x Osmo Microfiber Mop
- 1st x Osmo Spray-Fix 0.75 liter cartridge, detergent

Mount the cartridge with detergent and the microfiber mop, then the Osmo Spray-Mop is ready to use. The cartridge can be refilled and the microfiber mop is washable, it is extra good for the environment.
Easy storage and accessories

The mop is easy to store when it takes up little space. Various accessories are available for purchase.

- Osmo Spray-Fix 0.75 liter cartridge, pre-mixed cleaning (refillable)
- Osmo Spray-Fix 5 liter filling can, pre-mixed cleaning (for 0.75 liter cartridge)
- Osmo Microfiber mop, washable

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