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Cured Oak MÖLLE Wide Plank 22cm, Select, Natural Hardwax oil
65 /m²
137.80 /pack
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Explanation of specifications


Bjelin Parquet can be installed in a number of different patterns, among the most common are herringbone, ship deck, brick bond and squares.


Bjelin wood flooring comes untreated or with one of several finishes.
- Oil
- Hard Wax Oil
- Varnish/Lacquer


Select grade has less colour variation and low knot content which provides a clean and uniformed look. Great base for a clear varnish but also other types finishes. Select grade is valued for its versatility and simplicity. It has a clean and uniform appearance, perfect for modern, minimalist and traditional settings.

The rustic oak grade contains knots, pith ray, some sapwood and color variation enhancing the wood character of a herringbone pattern. The purpose of rustic grade flooring is to create a floor where character and contrasting appearance is desired. The rustic and random nature of rustic grade oak is perfect for those who prefer a more organic appearance.

Antique grade oak is a hand scraped rustic grade oak with minor cracks, defects and extra knots to create a flooring with old wood character.


The amount of waste varies with the pattern. The more elaborate patterns creates more waste.

Herringbone 10-15%
Square 10-15%
Ship deck 5% (a bit more for brick bond)

Cured Oak MÖLLE Wide Plank, Natural Hardwax oil Select

When you choose an oak plank floor, you can base your choice on a mix of look, feel and design. You want that genuine, natural look that only oak can give you. The floorboards should be wide. In fact, the wider the better. Our floorboards are extra wide – from 223 mm to 283 mm. The wood provides the room with a warm feeling of comfort, and the click locking system makes the floor easy to install. The brushed finish of the extra wide plank brings the natural vibrancy of wood to the surface. This oiled oak plank is engineered to support an extra wide board with a selection of oak grades: Select, Rustic and Antique. Rustic Oak The rustic oak grade contains knots, pith ray, some sapwood and color variation enhancing the wood character of the plank and adds a distinctive rustic or vintage character to a room. Antique Oak Antique grade contains larger knots, pith ray and sapwood and allows strong color variation. The parquet has an antique look with mesh sides. Filled and plastered cracks in the oak top layer gives the floor both charm and character. Select Oak Select grade oak is highest grade of oak we provide. It has less color variations and low knot content which provides a clean and uniform look.  The surface of the plank has been made harder and easier to maintain by applying the top layer of oak using a patented curing method under high pressure and heat.

Wood made tougher

Wide planks in hardened oak are a durable and low maintenance alternative to traditional flooring. Flooring with cured wood surface leaves you with less worries. No more indents from high heels, toys or dropped objects, and no more scratches from running pets. With outstanding impact and wear resistance, these easily installed floors are suitable for virtually any room in a home or commercial area. With that said, you still experience a warm wooden floor to walk on, barefoot or with shoes on. You could feel the naked grain by touching the top of the surface and you don’t have to worry about humidity, scratches or marks. By curing the wood it is exposed to reveal the true structure and feeling without compromising it's durability. No need to cover the wood with thick layers of varnish or lacquer. The curing process shields the oak from staining, but a thin layer of hard wax oil is added to make the flooring easier to maintain and clean. The hardwax oil applied on this product range is offered with a selection of pigments. From no pigment to white, grey and black. If you would like to increase the glossiness of the floor, it’s possible to add layers of oil or hard wax oil after the installation.

Maximising flooring coverage from each log

In addition to its technological advantages, cured wood is also a sustainable way to bring real wood interior decoration into our homes. By using thin wood sheets instead of thicker wood layers, a considerably larger amount of products can be produced from every cubic meter of wood. Bjelin also reuses the sawing dust as filler and as raw material for the WoodFiber products. This, in combination with Bjelin's carefully managed source of wood, makes us proud to present these hard oak wood floorings as a great alternative on the market with our new concept of sustainability.


Type of floor: Cured wood floor
Type of wood: Oak
Grading: Select
Pattern: Plank
Finish: Hard wax oil
Staining: Natural
Thickness of ware layer: 0,6 mm
Hardness rating EN 1534: 8,2 N/mm2
Bevel: 30° 0,3 mm
Core: HDF
Joint: 5G®
Length: 2379 mm
Width: 223 mm
Height: 11 mm
Quantity in box: 4 pcs
m² / box: 2,12 sqm
Weight per box: 21,2 kg
Limited warranty: 20 year
Light Reflection Value (LRV): 24,9


Installation instructions
Polyx-Oil information
Technical datasheet
Wash and Care
Cleaning and Care

Care instructions

Care instructions

Stop dirt at the entrance! Arrange shoe scraper outside the front door and a generous doormat inside. Large and specially designed shoe scrapers should always be put in connection with public facilities which significantly reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.
Surfaces treated with Polyx®-Oil are easy to maintain. The regular cleaning, such as vacuuming or lightdamp mopping, is comparable to that of tiles or natural stone floors.

Dry cleaning: For day to day cleaning you should use either a broom, a vacuum cleaner or the Osmo Opti-set, using the green dust mop, to clean the surface.

Regular damp mopping:
The Osmo Wash and Care concentrate brilliantly removes most day to day stains from your wooden flooring. Osmo Wash and Care can be diluted to suit the level of soiling on the surface and applied using a damp micro mop from the Osmo Opti-set.
The oils that are contained in Osmo Wash and Care help to regenerate the wood surface.

Periodical refreshing and intensive cleaning:
To refresh dull looking floor surfaces the Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner has proven to be ideal, simply apply a thin layer of Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner on an already, with Osmo Wash and Care, cleaned surface.
The Active Fibre Cloth which is contained in the Osmo Opti-set, or the Osmo FloorXcenter, are optimal for the thin application.
For white finished floors, Osmo also offers a liquid Wax cleaner in white (3087).
To clean heavily soiled surfaces Osmo liquid Wax cleaner should be applied in small amounts directly to the effected area.

Protective surface renewal:
To retain the original surface properties over years you must renew the worn surface areas using various Osmo Polyx®-Oil products (appropriate to the original finish). First clean the floor surface thoroughly, as above, allow to dry thoroughly and then apply a very thin coat of Polyx®-Oil.

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